Here comes the sun do do do do ..

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Our sign message "here comes the sun" during the month of July was to encourage some sunshine and warm days - it certainly seems to have worked and as we moved into August it got even warmer!  

Whist we're not complaining about a little extra Vitamin D and extra days out walking/enjoying the park, we continue to be concerned about the number of ticks we are seeing and the contact for our pets and ourselves becoming more likely.  

Protection is strongly recommended for both dogs, and cats - if they go outside.  The protection kills the tick within 24 hours prior to the potential transmission of tick bacteria, including lyme disease.

A yearly tick/heartworm bloodtest called 4DX ensures that dogs have not been infected when not on protection or, in case your pet misses a dose. We are getting positive results with those tests, including lyme disease. 

Cats can also get ticks, although they do not seem to develop lyme disease.  The protection includes flea control and prevents a live tick from falling into the home, putting you at risk.   

Please give us a call if you have any questions.

Have a safe and happy summer - and keep singing :)

Dr B